About us

Who We Are

The Al Hurriya Liberal Network (AHLN), established in 2021, is a network of liberal civil society organisations including political parties, NGOs, think tanks and active individuals in the Middle East and North African region (MENA), striving to realise and live liberal values and to serve as a democratic structured network. Through our collective experiences, we see to promote the universal values of freedom, democracy, rule of law and economic prosperity in a free economy. As believers and actors of liberal values in the MENA region, we strive to ensure that religious, gender and minority rights are respected in an open and modern state.

Our official name is in English, French (Réseau libéral Al Hurriya) and Arabic (شبكة الحرية الليبرالية).

Our Objectives

The organisation shall have the following general objectives:

  1. Provide a liberal space where members can freely and actively debate important topics and in doing so foster values based on personal liberty, personal responsibility, social justice, the rule of law, democracy and free market economy.

  2. Facilitate the development of member parties, organisations and individuals through various processes including mentorship, best practice, peer-peer support, capacity building by embedding liberal principles across party platforms.

  3. Establish an alliance of like-minded liberals to exchange ideas, interchange information among – and between – liberal parties and organizations with a liberal orientation and vision.

  4. Enhance co-operation with the international liberal family and increase the participation of the MENA region in global sharing of values and ideas.

  5. To ensure diversity and inclusion, we work towards a commitment to implement a gender quota of not less than 30% in all our decision-making bodies and activities.

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